TF Profile: Amy Gallop

Q: What has been your most rewarding moment as a TF?

A: “My most rewarding moment occurred when I was working with a student on a concept that was particularly difficult for her to grasp. We discussed it, used examples, drew on the board, took a break, and continued our attempts at fully grasping it. Finally, a light went off, and it all came together for her. She was able to explain it in her own words and provide a concept relevant to her life. It felt wonderful to know that I could be a part of helping her arrive at that place of understanding.”

Q: What is a method that you find particularly useful in helping students learn?

A: “I find that using the blackboard to map out concepts for students is most helpful. Whether we are simply writing a list or connecting ideas with pictures, the students I’m working with usually participate more actively in their learning. After doing so, I’ve noticed that students have an easier time explaining the psychological ideas in their own words.”

Amy is a senior Psychology TF who has eventual plans to do graduate work in psychology.


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