Say hello to the new Lead TF’s!

Next year’s Lead Teaching Fellows have just been hired, and they’re already getting excited about next year. Here’s a little information about them to help you get to know them better!

Ana Garcia: Architecture

Ana is an Architecture major who is interested in Urban Planning, and specifically in sustainable community development methods that target developing countries. She is also an EMT, an RA, and a Student Athletic Trainer who participates in the Architecture Society. Ana says that as a new LTF, she is most excited about getting to know the TFs of other departments and learning about how other departments work.

Michael Green: Physics

New Lead TF Michael Green helps a student during his Physics TF hours.

New Lead TF Michael Green helps a student during his Physics TF hours.

Michael is a Math major who is interested in probability and statistics and hopes to go into a career in one of those fields, perhaps as an actuary. On campus, he plays football, is a Senior Resident Assistant, and tutors for Calculus. Talking about his new position, Mike said, “I am most excited about being able to mentor other Teaching Fellows as a Lead Teaching Fellow next year, and to be able to help them to improve their teaching skills in order to become better Teaching Fellows. I look forward to working one-on-one with the Teaching Fellows that I am responsible for in order to teach them about my insights on how students learn best.”

Josh Moss: Physics

Josh is a Chemistry major and Physics minor who is interested in the physical side of chemistry, and he is currently in the process of applying to medical schools. Josh is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. On campus, he is on the cross country team, serves as a member of the college bookstore committee, and is a Kappa Sigma brother. Josh is excited to get to pass on his knowledge about teaching as a seasoned TF: “Going into my third year as a Teaching Fellow I have had many experiences and I am excited to share them with the new Teaching Fellows. I am really looking forward to getting to know the new TFs. One of the major roles of a TF is to listen and be there for the students and I am looking forward to doing the same for the new TFs. I know how rewarding this job can be and I want to pass on ideas and techniques I have used to teach students.”

Bridget Sakowski: Philosophy

Bridget is a double major in Philosophy and International Relations who is interested in ethics. Bridget says, “I love exploring the complexities of ethical decision making, particularly regarding social justice issues, and have devoted much of my academic energy to it.” She is particularly interested in social justice in the Middle East. Bridget is currently studying abroad in Jordan. On campus, she works in the Parking Office at Campus Safety and is a part of the Genocide Symposium. She also plays an active role in Relay for Life and Women’s Collective. As a Lead Teaching Fellow, Bridget is most excited to help train and mentor new TFs so that they can help other students as well as continue to learn themselves.

Lucy Williams: Art History

Lucy is an Art History major who is interested in Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance art. She is currently studying abroad in Rome, but on campus she is the ORAP Treasurer and also founded the Outdoor Education and Awareness House. When it comes to her new position, Lucy says, “I am excited to mentor other TF’s and aid them in the process of becoming a successful TF. I learned a lot from the Lead TFs this past semester and through training. I am a strong supporter of the program and am excited to be a present and positive member.”

Congratulations to the new Lead TFs!


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