Slow TF hours? Here are some ways to attract students!

Low nights and low numbers? Visit some classes mid-semester!

The middle of the semester can be slow in some departments, but usually the numbers will pick up at the end of the semester as final papers and exams approach. We want to encourage students to come in to TF hours before the very end so that they understand the material as the course goes along instead of trying to cram a full semester’s worth of content into the last few nights before exams.

A great way to reach out to more students is to visit the classes halfway through the semester or so and invite them to come by, particularly in classes that you have not seen many students from. This is your chance to remind the classes you are available and want to see them! Showing the students that you are friendly and eager to help will make them more comfortable with the idea of dropping in. Some things to include in this quick Teaching Fellow Infomercial  are your hours, the location where you work, your name, and a little bit about yourself. Although you did this at the beginning of the semester, repeating this information again to the classes (and writing it on the board) will encourage more people to come by. You can also tell the classes the types of assignments you have helped people with that semester, especially specific assignments pertaining to the class you’re visiting. Another option is leading or assisting the professor in a short lesson or game to show the students how approachable and knowledgeable you are!

If the professor does not have enough time to allow for this, talk to him or her about organizing a study table or night-time review session for their class that can take place during TF hours. This way, the students can study together and you can oversee and help with their questions while also helping other students from different classes.

You can also make a cool or funny poster midway through the semester to attract new people!

As you know, everyone can benefit from Teaching Fellows if they take the first step to visit hours. Keep up the good work and remember that you are having a very positive impact on the students you see!


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