Teaching Fellow Code of Ethics


During the new and returning Teaching Fellow training during the first weekend back on campus, we discussed techniques and strategies of being a successful TF. Over the course of the two day training, we covered how to use Tutor Trac, teach to multiple learning styles, remain ethical and ask good questions. Although there were a lot of highlights from the weekend, one of the major takeaways was the development of a Teaching Fellows Code of Ethics.

In looking to the Hippocratic Oath as our model, the new TFs developed there own code of ethics to confront and overcome common ethical dilemmas in TFs.  Below is the set of guidelines for ethical behavior as a Teaching Fellow.

HWS Teaching Fellow Code of Ethics

  1. Be patient
  2. Stay focused and attentive
  3. Provide guidance and tools to succeed
  4. Respect student/professor confidentiality
  5. Don’t pretend to know the answer
  6. Sympathize with students
  7. Equal environment à Create a “safe space”
  8. Help all students
  9. Look at everything objectively
  10. Find the balance between helping too much and not at all.

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