Teaching Fellow Etiquette

Guidelines to follow when running a session:

To do before students arrive:

  • Have all materials and books out
  • Set up the computer used for signing in and research
  • Configure the room so it works for small group activities and one-on-one settings
  • Put your materials away

To do as students arrive:

  • Greet students as they arrive, tell them your name and as for theirs
  • Have the student sign in and ask what class they are there for
  • Pair the student with others in the same class if possible

To do during a busy session:

  • Have the student take out their materials and tell them you’ll be over in a minute
  • Give them a small task to start or think of specific questions they have for you while you talk to another student

It’s the small actions like smiling and inviting students into the TF room that makes them more comfortable, willing to learn and excited to be there.


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