Time Management: Resources for a Busy Session


  • If you are working with another TF, recognize your strengths and work with students according to what you are good at.
  • Have a student think of three questions for you by the time you return to help them.
  • Have one student who you have helped teach others what they know.
  • Use the board!
  • Organize students based on class/professor/project


  • Use Concept Maps for understanding readings or planning papers.
  • When writing a paper, start with the conclusion and examine the explicit and implicit premises for the argument to determine if it is valid.
  • Pair students and play “Devil’s Advocate” for you partner’s main position in their paper.
  • Pair students and have them create three questions about a peer’s paper

Problem Solving:

  • Work through a general issue or a problem that all students have together/on the board so they understand the process and can do more work on their own.
  • Direct them to examples in the book or examples from personal experiences.
  • Have students only do one part of the problem and pass it on to the next- group problem solving.

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