How to introduce the TF program to a class

Lead TF Molly Krifka writes where she holds her hours.

1. Ask how everyone is doing.

2. Introduce yourself. Letting the students know a little bit about you will make them more comfortable with coming into your TF hours.

3. Explain a bit about the teaching fellow philosophy, that we are an approachable peer resource and we collaborate with students to clarify difficult concepts, help with developing ideas, etc. Emphasize that we are not available to give easy answers, but to help students find their own answers. We are a support system that helps students become more independent and able to find solutions on their own.

4. Explain a bit about what type of resources you have in the room with you at hours: dictionaries, textbooks, syllabi, the Big Picture calendar filled with assignments from each class, etc.

5. Write on the chalkboard/whiteboard your department hours, which days you hold hours, and where you hold hours. You can also specify when you work specifically.

6. Mention that the TFs can be more effective when students come in having already done some work on their own. It is also good to come in early, and not the night before an assignment is due. Students should also bring the necessary materials and assignment sheet to hours so that we can help show them how to use the book and find their own answers.

7. Ask if anyone has any questions regarding the Teaching Fellows program.


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This blog provides a place for Teaching Fellows to find useful teaching advice from each other, support each other through useful tips and methods, learn more about the program as a whole, and interact with the faculty and staff who TF’s work with the most. Have a question, comment, story, frustration, or a rewarding moment during your hours? Post it on the blog!